Anne Morshead

Anne Morshead is a strong and independent woman who spent many years teaching at Wamoon Public School before retiring to embrace a life of art, family, friends and garden.

Her wonderfully practical, straightforward and defiant approach to life is evident in her diverse range of art. In her own words, she loves the quirky and the different. She revels in acrylic paints as she investigates different techniques and subjects, embracing bright lcear colours and strong shapes and lines. Anne is on a constant quest to establish a recognizable style of her own. She also works sculpturally with her fabulous flowers made of scrap metal – Arty Blooms. 

Her grandmother was an English watercolourist who came to Sydney with her husband in the early part of the 20th century, so Anne suspects a little bit of art is in her blood. But her individualistic, unique style makes her a breath of fresh air, and an inspiration for others in the Leeton Art Society. Encouraging to her fellow local artists, and confident, experimental and with a firm sense of her own vision, Anne’s work has been seen in the Green Gecko Studio in Griffith, in Penny Paniz exhibitions and in a few exhibitions in the Griffith Art Gallery.

Anne enjoys still lifes, portraits, Australian landscapes, flowers and houses of all shapes and sizes, often using naïve style – tending to bright colours, and simple, child-like imagery.

Anne explains her influences here:

“Having only been painting for a few short years, lessons with Jeff Wright taught me the technical skills and knowledge that I was lacking and Ann Rayment encouraged me to be freer with this knowledge and to find my individuality. I am so lucky to find this combination of teachers locally. Now I’m enjoying learning about using acrylics and less traditional colours in a contemporary style with Anne Mills in Griffith.”

Anne Morshead is a fine local example of how you never know what you might be capable of until you give it a try – with secret superpowers lurking in us all.