Penny Paniz Acquisitive Arts Exhibition

The Penny Paniz Acquisitive Arts Exhibition (PPAAE) is the annual art event for the Leeton Art Society Inc. With the exhibition beginning in 2013, PPAAE has continued to grow year on year and showcases an abundance of local artworks. The 2024 exhibition is set to be the biggest yet, with over 150 artworks on display and for sale at the Leeton Museum and Art Gallery. This year's PPAAE exhibition is set to run for six weeks, which will be the longest running exhibition to date.

2024 Acquisitive Arts winner, Deborah Carroll 'Times of Dust & Rain'

2024 Champion Exhibit - Anne Morshead 'From Lavender Bay'

Held in memory of local artist and founder of the Leeton Art Society Inc, Penny Paniz, the continued growth of PPAAE is a true testament to the hard work and talent of the arts culture in Leeton. With just shy of 50 artists exhibiting artworks in 2024, and continuing to attract interstate visitors and locals, this exhibition is sure to impress.

Exhibition Dates:

Saturday March 23rd - Saturday May 4th (Mon to Sat, 10am - 3pm)

Good Friday to Easter Monday (10am - 3pm)

Leeton Museum and Art Gallery, 33 Chelmsford Place, Leeton 2705

Leeton Art Society Founder, Penny Paniz

Find the full list of the 2024 PPAAE category entrants, sponsors, and winning artworks on our digital catalogue

Photography Winner - Neil McAliece 'Breaking Through'

Still Life Winner - Anne Morshead 'Red Pears & Rosebuds'

Encouragement Winner - Zoe Hayward 'Morning Light'

Portraits Winner - Shaun Myles 'She is like the Wind'

Highly Commended Winner - Kylie Baker 'Golden Moon'

Fauna/Birds Winner - Deborah Carroll 'Fairy Wrens in the Pink Blossoms'

Encouragement Winner - Linzie Nardi 'Imminent Rain'

Flora/Botanical Winner - Jan Thompson 'Hollyhock'

Acquisitive Prize – sponsor Leeton Shire Council

Deborah Carroll - 'Times of Dust & Rain'

Champion Exhibit – sponsor Western Riverina Arts

Anne Morshead - 'From Lavender Bay'

Young Artist – sponsor Rotary Club of Leeton

Tahlia Daly - 'Home'

Young Artist Encouragement – sponsor Rotary Club of Leeton

Juleesa Twigg - 'The Voice in Our Heads'

Flora/Botanical – sponsor Maguires

Jan Thompson - 'Hollyhock'

Fauna/Birds – sponsor Leeton Veterinary Hospital

Deborah Carroll - 'Fairy Wrens in the Pink Blossoms'

Still Life – sponsor Washington Furniture

Anne Morshead – ‘Red  Pears & Rosebuds'

Landscapes – sponsor Milbrae Quarries Group

Josephine Parkhill - 'Red Trees'

Portrait– sponsor Sam’s Tile and Light Centre

Shaun Myles - 'Nectar'

Abstract – sponsor Celi Group

Shaun Myles - 'She is like the Wind'

Photography – sponsor Leeton Communications

Neil McAliece - 'Breaking Through'

Digital Artwork - sponsor Amberley Pastoral Co

Glenn Saddler - Miyagan Guulany ( Family Tree )

Indigenous – sponsor Acme Enterprises

Tinyka Tabain – Murrungadhinya

Ray Watson Highly Commended – sponsor Stephen and Kathy McMahon

Kylie Baker - Golden Moon

Encouragement Award – sponsor Leeton Art Society

Linzie Nardi – 'Imminent Rain'

Encouragement Award – sponsor In the Frame

Zoe Hayward -'Morning Light'

Photos credit: Mary-Anne Lattimore & Ayla Young

PPAAE Category Winners 2024

Former Judges

2013 - Greg Pritchard and LSC representative

2014 - Melanie Baulch, Jeffery Wright

2015 - Raymond Wholohan, Jenny Newbound

2016 - John Beattie, Carol Stewart

2017 - Jennifer Forster, Raymond Wholohan

2018 - Melanie Baulch, Carla Gottgens

2019 - Hape Kiddle, Jennifer Forster

2021 - Sarah McEwan, Yianni Johns

2022 - Oumi Karenga-Hewitt, Roslyn Lockhart

2023 - Anthea DaSilva and Kerri Weymouth

2024 - Isis-Rea Rohan and Ray Wholohan

Former Acquisitive Winners

2013 - Lynne McQuillan

2014 - Warwick Dean

2015 - Scott McGrevy

2016 - Lynne McQuillan

2017 - Sheldene Visage

2018 - Lynne McQuillan

2019 - Elaine Heffer

2021 - Dorothy Roddy

2022 - Ayla Young

2023 - Chloe Boots

2024 - Deborah Carroll


The Penny Effect

'The Penny Effect', developed by artist and nephew of Penny Paniz, Mr Glenn Saddler,  highlights the influence that accomplished artist and former Art Society member, Penny Paniz, had on the development of visual arts in Leeton. 

The short video is a collection of Penny’s artworks, Prize winners of the PPAA over the past 7 years, and a record of the memories of those who worked and created alongside Penny, and is an important resource for the Leeton Art Society Inc and its members for years to come.