Vita Vitelli

"The Accidental Artist"

After working from the age of 16 years and running several small businesses with my husband Salvatore, I never dreamed that I would start my art journey at the age of 58.

In 2006 I attended my St Joseph Primary School 50-year kindergarten class reunion and reconnected with my old school friends, including Penny Paniz.

As many of us do in later life, started to catch up with old friends on a regular basis because of the freedom of being empty nesters and work starting to relax after many years.

One day, at our regular lunch get togethers, I was talking to Penny about my pending retirement when Penny asked the question “what are you going to do when you retire?”  Well without thinking I replied “I think I’m going to paint” 

At this stage I was not aware that Penny was an accomplished artist and a founding member of the Leeton Art Society in Leeton.  Penny’s enthusiasm for art and her dedication at sharing her passion with anyone, started me on my art journey.  

The following Saturday, June 2009 I was doing my first mixed media painting with Penny at the Yanco Ave, Old Art House with many other Artists.  I was taken at my first brush stroke and could not get enough, attending many workshops and classes in Leeton, Griffith, Bathurst art school and Dookie Art School.    

Now I am proud to be Vice President of Leeton Art Society, with my own home studio where I enjoys having friends over to paint together experiencing the joy of art together. Painting makes me a happier person. 

I am still developing and learning and enjoys all mediums including Watercolor, Pastels, Oils, Acrylics and Mixed Media and covering all styles modern, contemporary, realism, abstract and Portraits.

I have participated and been involved in organizing the Penny Paniz Acquisitive Arts Competition and Exhibition each year since the beginning!   I have won prizes in the Oils category and in Mixed Media category and is enormously proud just to be an exhibitor.   I always say ‘Participating in something you love is reward enough”.

Vita finds her love of art and painting not only relaxing but also healthy to acknowledge what you feel and allow yourself to feel it without judgment.  The best thing about art is that you cannot do it wrong.  Nobody can tell you what your painting is supposed to look like – only you know that!

Today I love to encourage anyone that wants to paint to join Leeton Art Society and begin the process of learning to paint.  No one is born painting, yes some have a little more natural talent, but it is something you learn and love!