Congratulations, Your Exhibition Entry Is In

Thank you for your registration of artworks in the Penny Paniz Acquisitive Arts (PPAA) Competition and Exhibition. We appreciate the time and effort that you have made to produce these artworks, and look forward to seeing you at the exhibition, with the highlight being our official Opening Night and award presentation on Thursday April 6 2023. 

What next?

Please check your email for confirmation of your artwork registration and keep the details readily available, as you will need to bring this form with you when you deliver your artworks to the Leeton Museum and Art Gallery (LMAG), Chelmsford Place Leeton by 3pm, Monday April 3 2023.

You will also need to bring these details with you when collecting any artworks after the exhibition closes, on Saturday April 22, 2023 from 3pm–4pm at the LMAG.

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